Neo Blythe PElegant Ellie - SOLD OUT

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Code: Bl_el_ellie

Brand: Nanna&Niky

Ellie is an acrtess; she wears a satin full body dress covered in a flowery print which can be arranged in two different ways for a change in style. Keep it tight for a more mature look or add the skirt for a flowing, wide silhouette!
The coat is made with navy shantung, made to softly envelope the silhouette of the skirt. The lining is made with the same material of the dress.
Accessories include a pink accented rhinestone earring and a bead necklace, as well as a pair of long gloves, gold lame stockings and high heels to round out her formal look.

Type of face: Radiance Renew tanned - Hair: vibrant blue green with fringe - Eye shadow and eyelids: brown - Lips and cheeks: pink- Eye color: light brown, green, light blue and darl blue