Blythe dolls

For those who do not know her, the Blythe is a 28 cm (11 inch) high fashion doll, with a large head and large eyes that change color with the pull of a string behind the head. It was created in 1972 and was initially sold for one year in the United States by the toy company Kenner Continue reading >>>

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 Neo Blythe Piccadilly Encore

Neo Blythe Piccadilly Encore

Code: Bl_picc

Brand: Nanna&Niky

€ 249,00 € 224,10 (-10%) ( % included)

 Neo Blythe PElegant Ellie - SOLD OUT

Neo Blythe Elegant Ellie

Code: Bl_el_ellie

Brand: Nanna&Niky

€ 399,00 € 359,10 (-10%) (IVA 0% included)

 Neo Blythe “Cadence Majorette”

Neo Blythe "Cadence Majorette" NEW

Code: Bl_majo

Brand: Nanna&Niky

€ 249,00 (IVA 0% included)

 Neo Blythe Yuki no Namida Hime

Yuki no Namida Hime

Code: Bl_Yumi

Brand: Nanna&Niky

€ 339,00 (IVA 0% included)

 Neo Blythe Sherry Victorian

Neo Blythe Sherry Victorian NEW

Code: BlVic

Brand: Nanna&Niky

€ 239,00 (IVA 0% included)